Предприятие – производитель ЧП «Бест Трейд Продакшен» предлагает  на экспорт в страны Азии, Европы и СНГ:  пшено ГОСТ, рис крымский круглый , муку в/с, горох желтый колотый.

Dear Clients!  Our firm “Best Trade Production” offers you our products which we produce for export in Europe, Asia and CIS (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus). Our company specializes in producing and selling the following products: millet (extra quality, first quality), buckwheat, wheat barley, pearl barley, fine ground barley, pea, ground pea, oatmeal, oat flakes, white flour (extra quality), rice, ground rice. We offer suitable packing and delivery to our clients by both motor and rail transportation. We look forward to fruitful cooperation.